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Plumbing tips

How To Reduce Sewer Repair Costs With Pipe Relining

reduce sewer repair costs with pipe relining

Looking to reduce sewer repair costs? The owners of homes and businesses are responsible for repairing, maintaining, and replacing all the private fittings, mains connected hot water tanks and sewer lines within their property boundaries. That means that any damage to your sewer lines at your property will need to be repaired or replaced, which

Gas Leak Prevention Tips – And What To Do If You Find One

gas leak prevention tips

For many homeowners and operators of commercial properties, gas leak prevention is rarely a priority, until a gas leak happens, then it is a nightmare scenario. It can cause significant health and safety risks to kick in, putting you and your family or staff in jeopardy. And it can also bring with it an enormous

Best Ways To Prevent Future Leaks In Your Hot Water System

prevent leaks in your hot water system

It’s easy to take your hot water for granted, until you experience leaks in your hot water system. You can let it run for years on end with no maintenance, and it is out of sight, out of mind. The only time you notice it is when something goes wrong. To maximise energy efficiency and

5 Top Tips For Saving Money On Plumbing Services

Like many others, you probably plan on saving money on plumbing this year. When you’re considering hiring a plumber to perform a service for you, there’s likely to be a lot going through your mind – cost being at the forefront. Striking a balance between protecting your wallet from scams and high prices while also

Plumbing Systems – 10 Useful Things You Should Know

home plumbing system illustration

By the time most people discover an issue with your plumbing system, it may already too late. Burst pipes and clogged drains can cause enormous damage, so it is vital to understand your plumbing system and identify minor problems before they become big ones. Here are ten essential things you should know about your plumbing

7 Advantages of Gas Water Heaters

gas water heater on wall

Do you wonder how people managed to survive before the invention of the gas water heater? We are lucky to live in a time where we have many options for different needs. Our life has been made a whole lot easier by being able to get warm water at the touch of a tap. Several

Top 5 tips on Affordable Bathroom Renovations

man working on affordable bathroom renovations

Renovating your bathroom is one of the best things that you can do to breathe new life into your home. Here are our top 5 tips for achieving an affordable bathroom renovations. Remodelling your bathroom doesn’t have to entail tearing it down completely – simply replacing your vanity or updating your shower can dramatically increase

7 Worst Things You Should Never Flush Down Your Toilet

Things You Should Never Flush Down Your Toilet

It’s important to know these things you should never flush down your toilet. There are only two things you should ever use the system for, human waste and toilet paper. However, many people view their toilet as their personal dumping ground, after all, out of sight, out of mind, right? The problem is that many

6 Plumbing Problems You Should Never Try Fixing Yourself

Are you trying your best to save some cash at the moment? Everything seems to be getting more expensive, so it’s understandable that you want to cut corners to avoid spending money. It might be picking up a six-pack of beer instead of a case, hunting down the best bargains, and fixing some problems around

How to Fix a Squeaking Toilet Seat? 4 Easy Steps

Do you hear some weird noises coming from the bathroom? While you might try to avoid some of these sounds by turning the volume up on the TV or relocating to another room, you can still hear it whenever you’re inside as well. It’s the high-pitched squeaking sound coming from the seat like someone is