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    Unblock Sink Drains

    A blocked sink can be stressful, especially because the kitchen is the heart of the home.

    A blocked Kitchen sink, laundry sink or a sink in the bathroom that isn’t draining as quickly as it should be, can sometimes just need a little help to push the blockage along and out of the pipes.

    Sometimes we all like to give it a go on our own to save a bunch of time and a bit of money as well!

    Although Sometimes resolving plumbing issues on your own can be a delicate situation, and for a good reason.

    Anytime you are dealing with the water running through your home or your plumbing system, in general, you’re looking at a bit of a tricky situation, that’s where the team at All Day Plumbing are here to help.

    Occasionally trying to fix the problem can create more damage and possibly make the problem bigger than it was in the first place.

    All Day Plumbing are here to deal with an emergency situation caused by a DIY “fix”.

    Here are some DIY tips for tacking the problem on your own first!


    How to unblock a sink

    Firstly, you need to determine what has caused the blockage in the first place.

    Generally, something that was not supposed to go down your sink has accidentally made its way there and caused the blockage.

    Other factors including the age of your pipes and wearing down of your plumbing system can contribute to the pipes being blocked, especially being clogged up over many years of by some of the everyday particles that get flushed down the sink.

    Once you have worked out the problem, you can begin to resolve it The tips below may help you along.

    Firstly by slowly pouring down the sink a pot of boiling hot water to try and loosen the blockage. This is always a great first option to try and loosen the blockage if you are dealing with a minor issue.

    If you are dealing with something that is a little more stubborn trying to hook onto or loosen the blockage with a straightened out coat hanger is better for glued on obstructions because it can get through the pipes and push out the blockage, and finally most importantly, patience – and perhaps a plunger (that you have purchased solely for the use of your sink)!

    If you have tried all of these options and your sink has still blocked the team at All Day Plumbing can be there to handle the problem. Getting you and your sink up and running again, keeping in mind your budget every step of the way.