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    Here are some tips If you’ve been thinking about upgrading or repairing your Electric Hot Water Systems. We are here to help you choose the right one for all your heating needs.

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    Electric Hot Water Systems

    Technology is always evolving. Electric hot water heating systems have become a lot more advanced, efficient, and more cost-effective over the last ten years.

    When deciding to change or update your electric hot water system, let the professionals at All Day Plumbing help you out.

    These are some of the Advantages of switching or updating your heating system to electric.

    Hot water on demand from 240v power

    New tankless electric hot water heaters supply you with hot water on demand, saving you money.

    Long gone are the days where you had to keep a large vat of water, heated on a 24/7 basis, and then having to work overtime when that supply of hot water runs out – the system replaces it and stores it again, tankless water.

    Heaters heat water on demand – saving you money while supplying you with an “endless” supply of hot water, whenever you need it.

    Dramatically lower energy costs

    Another advantage that electric hot water systems offer is the ability to lower your bills, primarily because of the significant updates to the new modern-day systems that are on offer today.

    With a continuous system, you won’t be heating water on a 24-hour basis, and as a result, you won’t need to be running your hot water heater around the clock to maintain the temperature of your supply.

    You will love the instantly noticeable lower energy bills each and every month with this decision.

    Temperature zoning capabilities

    The majority of new water heating solutions on offer today have “zoning”.

    You will have the option to independently adjust just how hot your bathroom, kitchen, and laundry hot water outlets are.

    They are guaranteeing the right temperature for your shower while making sure that nobody will burn themselves with the temperature coming out in the kitchen.

    Zero risk of bacterial growth with our Electric Hot Water Installation

    We are all well aware of the many types of bacteria that love to breed in warm water.

    This is why you will always need to make sure your hot water system is heating to a phenomenal level to kill off these bacteria.

    Moving to a tankless system automatically eliminates this problem.

    Space-saving form factors with an electric tankless water heater

    – This system is definitely going to save you space by freeing up your basement, backyard or attic.

    – This system is definitely going to save you space by freeing up your basement, backyard or attic.

    – It is modern and cost effective.

    We are the professionals at All Day Plumbing, and will take care of all your Electric Hot water system needs.

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