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How to Save on Water Bills | All Day Plumbing

How to Save on Water Bills

How to Save on Water Bills

Are you trying to save some money?

With all the streaming services, the cost of groceries going up, and salary increases being minimal, something has to give. You’re going to need to make some tough decisions around what cutbacks to make so you can continue to live comfortably. 

One of the areas you might be able to save a few bucks is your water bill. You won’t need to ration it or drink less of it through the day. However, if you make a few small changes, they’ll make a big impact when your next water bill arrives.

So what adjustments do you need to make? Well, here are a few tips from the professionals on how you can keep more money in your pocket and continue to spend it on the things you love.

Stop Running Water When You’re Not Using It

When you’re washing dishes or brushing your teeth, do you leave your tap running to rinse plates or your toothbrush? You need to stop this immediately as it will make a significant difference to your bill.

Instead, you should fill the sink with water, especially if you have a double kitchen sink. You can rinse everything, including your dishes, toothbrush, razor, and even fruit and vegetables without running a tap and wasting litres of water.

Fix the Leaks in the House

You’re essentially throwing away money by not getting any of your leaks fixed. In a year, a leaky tap can equate to 3000 litres of water. This represents significant savings on your water bill if you get it fixed.

If you hear the unmistakable sound of water leaking in a basin or shower, then get in touch with the professionals to get it fixed. While it might cost some money to repair the leak, you’ll still end up in front when your bill amounts start reducing.

Shorten Your Showers

Do you love to indulge in a long, hot shower? It might feel like the perfect start to the day or the ideal way to cap one off. But when the bill arrives, your joy can quickly turn to panic.

You can make reducing your time in the shower a game. Start by timing yourself to see how long you normally take. Then every time you take one, try to beat your time without sacrificing on hygiene. You should end up with a personal best in no time.

Get a Water-Saving Showerhead

Sometimes showers are an excellent way to disconnect from the world for a while. If you don’t want to reduce your time away from everyone, then you could replace your showerhead with one that will save water for you.

There is a fear that water-efficient showerheads don’t provide the same pressure that a normal model does. However, if you speak to your plumber, then they should be able to make sure you get an adequate spray without impacting your water bill.

Reuse Water on Your Garden

If you have an extravagant garden or just a few potted plants, you can keep them healthy by using alternatives to your hose. Reusing water from around the house can provide them with the same amount of nutrients as freshwater.

For example, you can use cooking water and any unused drinking water from jugs or bottles. You can also take a shower with a bucket and collect water to use for the garden. It’s even possible to redirect water from your washing machine to where it’s needed outside. 

Replace Your Appliances

Most of your water usage can come from older whitegoods like your washing machine or dishwasher. If you have a lower energy-efficient appliance, then you should consider spending money upfront to replace it so that you reap the rewards via the bills.

Some can be beneficial not only for your water bill. If they use power as well, then you might notice your electricity bill start to decrease also.

Mulch Your Garden

Instead of using a hose or collecting water from around the house, you could lay down some fresh mulch in your garden. It will soak up rainwater and make every drop last a lot longer compared to watering it daily.

Simply lay down some plastic sheeting first, so you don’t need to do as much weeding. Then scatter around the fresh mulch and pile up where the garden needs it most. You’ll notice it continue to thrive without needing to hose it down every day.

Get a Dual Flush Toilet

You use your toilet multiple times a day, and all of those flushes can add up on the bill. It’s not like you can hold it in to save a few dollars. But you can get a dual-flush toilet so that every time you use it, you’re saving on some water.

Using the half-flush to rid the toilet of your waste can save significant volumes of water. You can even make adjustments to how much is used when you do flush to save even more while still clearing the bowl.

Get Your Car Washed Professionally Cleaned

Taking your car to get washed can provide big savings. If you like your vehicle spotless and clean it regularly, then you might be able to save up to 400 litres of water. 

You might think the car wash will use more water than what you usually do. However, there are many businesses that use recycled water to ensure they’re not harming the environment. This will help save some of the precious resource and keep more money in your pocket as well.

Get a Tankless Hot Water System

There are several benefits to replacing your hot water system. Newer models are much more energy-efficient, and if you go with a tankless model, they’ll even last a lot longer than the alternative.

A tankless system can heat water faster and doesn’t corrode as quickly as other models. They also offer higher energy savings and larger financial benefits on your water bills.

Ask the Experts

By changing a few habits, replacing some old equipment, and getting your hands a little dirty, you can make a dent in your water bill. It might cost you some money upfront, but the savings will be substantial in the long run, and the environment will thank you as well.

If you need help replacing whitegoods, fixing leaks, or finding other methods to save on your water bill, then All Day Plumbing can help. We provide honest, upfront pricing on every job we quote. We even use a standard pricing guide, so you’re charged the same no matter where you live or which one of our experts completes the work. 
Start saving today by booking an appointment and letting us help get your house in order, so you never waste a cent on water again.