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    Gas hot water systems have been the most popular choice for homeowners when deciding what type of unit to have installed.

    It’s not easy deciding what system to put into place, although a gas hot water system is one of the best units you can buy when it comes to cost-effectiveness and efficiency

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    Gas Hot Water Systems

    Having Hot water On-demand is one of the necessities with our homes, it would be hard to imagine our modern-day lives without gas hot water systems supplying us with an unlimited and continuous supply of adjustable temperature hot water, all at the lift of a tap/accessory.

    Whether you’re in the position of a brand new installation or looking to replace your existing system, moving forward – A gas hot water system is an excellent choice. There are so many benefits in choosing to go with a gas hot water system compared to an electric hot water system.

    We have filtered out some of the positives and negatives that a gas heater is going to bring to your home and pocket n the long run, and motivate you to seriously consider this technology when you are choosing your new hot water system.

    At All Day Plumbing, we are here to help you make the right decision and are only too happy to answer any of your questions, comparisons and concerns.

    Highlighting the benefits of gas hot water systems:

    Faster heating capabilities

    A Gas hot water system is going to be almost twice as fast in heating your water versus an electric unit.

    The amount of water that is heated within an hour, using an Electric system can be heated in 30 minutes using a gas unit. – or you could heat twice as much water in the same time frame.

    For larger families, this is usually the benefit that places gas heating systems as the preferred option.

    Lower energy costs

    The faster healing time in the gas system is one of the main benefits when comparing Gas to the Electric heaters. A Gas system also will not have the issue of heat loss from the walls of the tank.

    Appliances and systems that run on electricity within the home are almost always much higher than those items that are run on gas costs, which is another way a gas system can help you save money over the long run.

    Can provide instant and on-demand hot water

    With a Gas heating system, you won’t have to ever worry about running out of hot water. Modern technology has provided us with the latest in hot-water installation systems that supply instant and on-demand hot water.

    Drawbacks of gas hot water systems:

    Can initially cost more to set up

    Gas hot water heating systems can be a little more expensive than electric hot water heaters, although that’s just for the initial setup. This is a one time cost that you will need to consider when making your decision.

    Lifespan of the unit

    The lifespan of an Electric hot water system is usually a little longer than that of a gas hot water system. This is something that you should also factor in when making your decision.

    A gas water heating system will last about 13 years in comparison to 14 years of use with an electric unit. For some families, what Gas offers automatically outweighs the closeness of lifespan when comparing the two systems.

    A more detailed installation process

    Repairing a gas hot water system can generally be more expensive than dealing with an electric unit, purely because of the type of energy you would be working with.

    The advantage of speaking with our team of qualified Plumbers at All Day Plumbing means that we will be able to help you navigate through some of the extra costs that can be involved in a repair process.

    With our professional Plumbers and our massive range of suppliers, we are the right team for the job.

    We can help you to resolve the problem in the most practical and cost-effective way.

    Just give us a call.

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