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    Installation Hot Water Systems

    We all rely on hot water for our businesses and homes; that’s why it is so important to have the correct water storage and heating system installed. Having an incorrect or outdated heating system can cost more to run, which will result in higher gas or electricity bills. All Day Plumbing can help with all your Hot Water system needs.

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    Electric Hot Water Systems

    A benefit of an electric hot water tank storage system is the exceptional flow rate of the water.

    These systems are great for small families or the working team that don’t require a great demand of hot water through different outlets at the same time.

    Gas Hot Water Systems

    Gas hot water systems are extremely popular and have many advantages. The first being that they are low maintenance and the system is reliable as they don’t often break down. With a gas hot water system, your heating and supply of hot water are always continuous.

    It will not suddenly stop if the storage system runs out. Gas hot water systems will provide hot water that for long periods of time and especially if multiple outlets are demanding the hot water, it will provide to all points without running out.

    Solar Power Hot Water Systems

    As we become more aware of the rising cost of energy, an exciting and environmentally friendly option is becoming more and more popular, as green/renewable energy is beginning to lead the way in our communities. Solar power systems do cost a little more for installation, although you will soon see the savings in the first few years.

    It is always important to have the Hot water system solution that is most suitable for you.

    A Solar Hot Water storage system basically consists of a heater and storage module. The storage module may come as a tank or cylinder. Solar water heaters are designed to be fuel-efficient. This means that a homeowner is able to save up to 70% on the cost of heating water for the life of the unit.

    This number is extremely impressive when you consider the actual cost of the investment can be recouped in a few years.

    Hot Water Repairs for Sydney Residents

    There is nothing more frustrating than going to take a shower only to find out that your hot water system is not working at all – and you have to prepare yourself for a COLD shower.

    Hot Water repairs should be handled by licensed plumbing professionals.

    Call All Day Plumbing for all your Maintenance enquiries.

    Here are some tips and tricks to help you out!

    Shutdown your hot water before attempting any emergency hot water system repairs.

    The first thing to do when dealing with any failing hot water heating system, be it gas or electric, that isn’t working correctly is to shut it down, to be able to work with the system freely in order to diagnose the problem.

    Dealing with emergency hot water heater repair can be stressful, and it’s going to get even more frustrating and even more stressful – as well as potentially dangerous – if you start fiddling around with your system, trying to DIY it yourself, without shutting off the water supply.

    Test critical elements of your hot water heater independently.

    All hot water heater repairs are different, and depending on your unit, they should all be approached differently. There is a host of different factors to look for when identifying these problems.

    Firstly, you need to determine the heating element of the hot water heater system itself. Always remember that when dealing with a gas, there a steady supply of gas, and that there aren’t any leaks. Gas is dangerous, and 99% of the time- should be left up to the experts.

    When trying to determine the faults in an electric heating system, you’ll want to check the thermostat, the heater element, the wiring, and any other electrical components to determine the cause of the problem.

    Inspect for burned-out components, leaks, or other obvious signs of damage.

    Before you approach any gas hot water heater repairs or electric heater repairs, you should look for burned-out components, wires, leaks, or any visible signs of damage to the unit.

    Always make sure that any gas or electricity is shut off from your unit. If you see that they have been burnt, there is a serious problem with your hot water system, and you’ll need to look for someone to repair your system ASAP.

    Fixing a small and minor DIY repair project is one thing. Although, Attempting to completely overhaul and repair a system that is broken or damaged should be left up to the experts.

    If you would like your repairs to be handled by the capable and experienced team at All Day Plumbing, just give us a call.

    Hot Water System Replacement When It Can’t Be Fixed

    All Day Plumbing understand better than most that hot water systems need to be replaced on a frequent basis – and should be replaced a lot more often than most homeowners are aware.

    Hot water heating system replacement should occur every 8 to 12 years – and if your hot water heating system is outdated, you should make the update sooner rather than later so that it can help you with being cost-effective.

    To help you determine, whether or not you should update your system, there are a few questions you should ask yourself before you make the decision of replacement.

    Has your hot water heater stopped working or no longer works reliably?

    This is pretty straight forward. Determining whether your heating system is still working is generally pretty straight forward.

    The team at All Day Plumbing will be able to tell you whether or not it’s it is in your interest to repair or replace your hot water heating system. Although, if the system is constantly failing, you will definitely want to consider a hot water system replacement, rather than always paying for ‘short term’ fixes on a system that is always going to give you problems

    Is your hot water system not capable of producing the capacity of hot water you need a daily basis?

    Sometimes, people move forward with a hot water system unit replacement because their current system can no longer keep up with the ‘hot water’ demands of the household. The system is no longer capable of supplying the demand for hot water a family needs.

    As mentioned above, getting to the shower,only to find out that you have run out of hot water is frustrating.

    The team at All Day Plumbing can help Update your water heating system to a continuous supply for the demand your family needs – without breaking the budget.

    Could you save a lot of money with a hot water replacement unit?

    Technology has improved and moved forward so much these days that advanced hot water service replacement gives you an opportunity find new solutions, and new energy-efficient products that will help you save money, Immediately and in the long run.

    You will need to make sure that your new hot water system replacement has been installed properly, and more importantly, that the current plumbing within your home can handle the new upgrade, or that it is upgraded to be capable of handling.

    Our All Day Plumbing professionals will get the job done right so that your supply of hot water is continuous and affordable.

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