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Plumbing Tips: How To Make The Flush Happen Faster?

Plumbing Tips: How To Make The Flush Happen Faster?

Plumbing Tips: How To Make The Flush Happen Faster?

When you’re using the toilet, the last thing you need is a slow flush. After all, you want to get back up and running with your day, something that is borderline impossible when you have a toilet that just won’t flush enough to let you leave. That’s where DIY plumbing comes in handy. Read on to find out more about how to make the flush happen faster on your toilet and a few more plumbing tips and tricks for a more effective system.

What’s the problem?

Although the symptom itself is obvious in the form of a slow flushing toilet, finding the right solution means you need to know exactly what the problem is. There are typically two issues in the case of a slow flushing toilet. The first of these is that the upper tank of the toilet is not full of water. If your tank is not full, you receive only a partial flush or no flush at all. The second issue is a partially clogged-up waste pipe. While both of these sound like serious issues, they are things you can deal with at home with relatively basic tools and equipment, although a house plumbing system diagram is beneficial.

Solution 1: Change the water level

If your water tank is not filling up enough, you can change the water level by adjusting the float. Once the float settles, water stops flowing into the tank, so raising the float up means that you receive more water into the rear tank of your toilet. The same applies the other way round; if you wait too long between flushes, you lower the float, so you’ll be flushing the toilet with less water. Be aware that the higher the float, the more water pressure you have per flush. This is key when looking for a powerful enough flush to get rid of even the most stubborn waste in your system.

Solution 2: Unclogging a waste pipe

The second solution available is unclogging the waste pipe. This frees up the whole system and ultimately encourages a faster and more powerful flush. Furthermore, the process of solving this issue is much simpler than you may expect. Pour a couple of litres of hot water into the toilet, in addition to baking powder and an acid such as vinegar. This interacts with the blockage, loosening it up and unblocking the waste pipe.

Solution 3: Call a professional

If neither of these works, it is time for a professional to help with your toilet’s flushing issues. Make sure that the plumber you use is reputable with a range of positive reviews, as a poor plumber may lead to the problem worsening in the long term. If you’re looking for an Epping plumber you can trust with plumbing services, or even just plumbing supplies near me to complete the services yourself, do your research and find the best options out there.