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What Is Considered Plumbing Emergency | All Day Plumbing

What is considered plumbing emergency? 5 of the Worst common Issues.

A plumbing emergency can be frustrating and even scary at times. They make us realise how much we rely on our plumbing systems to function properly every day and can cause unsettling disruptions at home and in businesses.

Many plumbers will offer 24-hour emergency callouts, but you want to be sure you’re ordering the exemplary service. So, what constitutes an emergency plumbing issue?

This article will cover the top four plumbing emergencies in Australia, when you should call an emergency plumber, and when you should wait.


What is considered a plumbing emergency issue?


Blocked Drain

Not only can a blocked drain impede your day-to-day life, but it can lead to significant water damage and even become a safety risk in some cases.

A water pipe has burst

If you’ve had experience with a burst water pipe in the past, then you’ll know how much damage it can cause in a short time. If a burst water pipe is left untreated, it could cause vast amounts of damage to your property, resulting in extensive property repairs, a complex insurance claim that goes on far too long, and ten times as many expenses.

Should you notice a leak in your home, you need to act fast. Start by shutting off the stop valve and then call an emergency plumber. A leak cannot be isolated, and you will be without running water, which is considered a plumbing emergency.



The boiler has broken down, or there is a water heater failure

Especially in winter, this can prove a dangerous situation for your property. Homes with vulnerable occupiers, including young children and older adults, will struggle far more without hot water or heating.

Should your property be faced with a broken or faulty immersion heater and no other way to get hot water, then this is classed as an emergency, and you should call a plumber immediately.

The pipes have frozen over

Similar to burst water pipes, frozen pipes need swift action. Shut off your home’s stopcock and try to isolate any leaks where the frozen pipes have damaged the infrastructure in your home. If this isn’t possible, or if the lines are entirely frozen over, and you are left with no running water, then this is a plumbing emergency and needs urgent attention.

The toilet is overflowing

Overflowing toilets are generally caused by a broken float mechanism or a clog – occasionally, both simultaneously.

If you are sure that the float is broken, then you should locate the isolation valve to give you time to fix the issue. However, if there is only one toilet on the property, or you have a resident who can only access the broken toilet, or you are forced to shut off the water at the mains, this will constitute an emergency.

When you should call an emergency plumber

Where possible, try to access hot water, running water, or toilet facilities elsewhere to save yourself the expense of calling out a plumber out-of-hours. If possible, wait until regular hours to reduce your costs.

However, if you know that you can’t wait that long, call an emergency plumber.

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