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5 Key Uses of Stormwater Pipes | All Day Plumbing

What Does a Stormwater Pipe Do? 5 Key Uses of Stormwater Pipes

What does a stormwater pipe do? Here we walk you through five of the critical uses of stormwater pipes and show you just how important they are. Causing erosion and transporting contaminants downstream into rivers, poorly managed stormwater systems can lead to several issues. Stormwater, unlike sewage, is rarely cleaned before being dumped into rivers and the sea, so it’s essential to understand what a stormwater pipe does and how it works to help protect the environment. Read on to learn everything about the role and function of stormwater pipes.

What is stormwater?

Stormwater is any rainfall that flows off a surface that it can’t sink into, such as rooftops, parking lots and roads. If water is left to pool in the same place for an extended period, it can cause severe damage and compromise the structural stability of houses and other built surfaces. As a result, stormwater management systems have been designed and constructed to handle excess rain and snowfall.

What Does A Stormwater Pipe Do?

So you’re thinking to yourself, what does a stormwater pipe do? Stormwater pipes are exactly what they sound like: systems of pipes that transport stormwater from one location to another. Rain that falls onto roofs, water that runs off walkways and oil residue from roadways all flow into stormwater pipes. These systems may seem simple, but they need to be installed appropriately for each property to ensure proper drainage and prevent damaging water pooling above or below surfaces.

The Top 5 Uses of Stormwater Pipes

Below we’ve put together a summary of some of the essential benefits of stormwater pipes, as well as how they might affect your home, neighbourhood and environment.

1. Minimising damage to infrastructure

This one sounds a little odd; what does a stormwater pipe do to minimise or prevent potential damage to your home? Well, stormwater pipes help protect infrastructure by directing water away from foundations and preventing it from pooling.

2. Reducing the risk of spreading contaminants

If you ignore collected stormwater, you’re increasing the likelihood of toxins and illnesses spreading. A sound drainage system prevents water from pooling, reducing diseases caused by toxins in stormwater.

3. Reducing the chances of flooding

Having a sound stormwater drainage system helps to decrease floods. This is because water is being taken away before accumulating in one place.

4. Making the most out of the collected water

Due to technological advancements, drainage devices that filter the water have also become available. Water collected by such drainage systems may be utilised for various reasons, including extinguishing fires and drinking.

5. Improving your property’s kerb appeal

Storm drains that are adequately maintained excess help water be directed away from your property, allowing your plants to thrive. Well-maintained storm drainage may boost property values and improve neighbourhoods by making them more attractive, environmentally friendly and wildlife-friendly.

How to maintain your stormwater pipes

Make sure that your storm drains are cleaned regularly. Rubbish can block sewer and drainage systems if it’s left to build up. While cleaning is usually handled by your local government or even a private company, carry out regular clearance yourself, especially after heavy rainfall.

Don’t forget: only rainwater should go into the drain. Never pour fuel, pesticides, pet waste, and unclean or soapy water down your stormwater drain. If this is the case, our rivers and streams will become polluted by all of these chemicals, so they should be appropriately disposed of.

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