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Top 10 plumbing mistakes made by DIYers

Calling out a plumber can be expensive, especially when it comes to repairing those little jobs like a leaking tap or a non-flushing toilet. But while it may look easy to remove a few pipes or replace a washer, doing it wrong can create more problems later on. So, in this blog, we are going

Make a fabulous plumbing pipe light fixture in 4 Easy Steps

Want to build your very own plumbing pipe light fixture? Thanks to increasing discourse around climate change and the impact we’re all having on the planet, more and more people are starting to upcycle and make their own home decor and furniture. One noticeable trend in upcycling that has been gaining more traction is the

How to build plumbing pipe shelves

In recent years, piping structures have made quite a name for themselves in the world of interior design and are now being used in all kinds of settings. Not only does it look great, but pipe shelving can be an incredibly sturdy solution for holding all your possessions. Perfect for use in kitchens, cupboards, living

Bleach vs. vinegar: what kills mould?

Mould is often considered one of the worst problems a homeowner can encounter. Sydney, in particular, is known for having a humid climate and has a bad reputation when it comes to bathroom mould. From hospital grade bleach to organic essential oils, everyone has their own solution to removing mould in the bathroom or other

Drain Cleaner

Drain Cleaner

Benefits of Hiring Professional Drain Cleaner You may have seen obvious signs of an impending blockage in your bathroom or kitchen sink, but think very little. Drainage is a little slow, or you need to put it more and more in the toilet. It may not seem like a big problem, but in the end,

How to pick local plumbers in Sydney

Local plumbers in sydney | emergency plumber sydney

Local plumbers in sydney is a perfect way to express all-day plumbing. Whether there is a leaky pipe, broken pipe or hot water installation we look for a professional plumber to fix it properly and quickly. If you are looking for a tradesman with affordable prices for all of your plumbing needs, it’s important to