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Professional Plumbers Using A Hydro Jetting Machine | All Day Plumbing

When Do Professional Plumbers Use A Hydro Jetting Machine


Let’s face it – plumbing issues are everyone’s worst nightmare.

Whether it’s at your home or place of work, even a minor issue with the plumbing system can bring life to a complete standstill. And we won’t be wrong to say that clogged sewer pipes are the worst of the lot!

Although you may think snaking or chemical drain cleaners will come to your rescue, this may not always be the case. That’s where a hydro jetting machine comes into the picture. Read on to know more about when you should use one to ease your plumbing troubles.


What Is Hydro Jetting Afterall?


For the unversed, hydro jetting is a fairly new plumbing technique used by professional plumbers to eliminate stubborn, slow-moving clogs from sewer pipes. This high-pressure “jetting” method can effectively break down any clog, be it from organic scraps or other solid waste like papers, tissues, diapers, etc.

When employed correctly, hydro jetting can be extremely beneficial in preventing future clogs or reducing the frequency of clogs in heavy-duty sewage lines. It basically employs a hydro jetting machine (also called hydro jetter or jetter), which is attached to a high-capacity water tank and a hose. The hose culminates into a nozzle, which comes in different shapes and sizes. And the plumber will choose between them depending on the cleaning requirements.

The process starts with inserting the nozzle into the sewer pipe through the opening and engaging the tank to fire a high-pressure water stream. In hindsight, the water tank stores water at high pressure (measured in PSI- pounds per square inch), which results in a high-speed stream that can break the clog or debris buildup. This step can be repeated until the clog is completely removed and flushed down the pipe.

Generally, a professional plumber will use a hydro jet to clean a sewer pipe in one or more of the following situations:

  • Tree roots or ice buildup obstructing the pipes
  • Stubborn deposits of sand, silt or calcified scale 
  • Neutralising oil and grease accumulation
  • Flushing a stagnant sewer system
  • ‘Scrubbing’ the interior walls of the sewer pipes


When Does A Professional Plumber Employ A Hydro Jetting Machine?


Well, cleaning clogged sewer pipes or drains in modern residential settings isn’t the only time when the true potential of a hydro jetting machine is realized. It may very well be used for maintaining the sewage system of:


1. Old Structures

The sewer pipes below old or heritage buildings may have years of sludge, oil and waste accumulation in their sewer pipes. Although you may use a drain snake to break some of it, the deposition on the walls or near the joints can be practically impossible to eliminate without hydro jetting.

Moreover, snaking the drains frequently can be a cumbersome and expensive means of treating clogged pipes. Instead, employing this technique can be time-saving and economical in the long run, as it can also prevent future clogs.


2. Commercial Kitchens

Most commercial kitchen sinks in restaurants, hotels and other similar establishments have strainers to catch the larger particles of food waste. However, it’s no surprise they send a lot of oil, fat and grease down the drain, which ultimately find their way to the sewer pipes. And snaking alone can’t break this thick buildup.

Such clogged sewer pipes can cause water to backflow into the sinks, causing disruption to business operations and posing massive threats to the hygiene of these kitchens. That’s why commercial spaces opt for hydro jetting as a part of the regular plumbing maintenance to keep the pipes optimally functional.


3. Municipal Sewers

Municipal sewage systems comprise big pipes with large diameters, where snaking or other clog breakdown mechanisms yield little to no results. However, the high-pressure water stream from a hydro jet machine can break down intense clogs within a short span to make the pipes work as good as new.


What Are The Benefits Of Hydro Jetting?


The primary advantages of hydro jetting include:


1. Quick Breakdown Of Clogs

Thanks to the high-pressure water jet, you can rest assured that even the toughest clogs will break down within a short span. Hence, you don’t have to wait for hours for the pipes to clear out, unlike other traditional pipe cleaning methods.

Moreover, tools like drain snakes can only reach the centre of the clog, as they aren’t designed to scour the wall linings. If you’re not using hydro jetting, you’re essentially spending more time and money on separate pipe cleaning techniques to ensure that the clog is broken down fully and flushed away properly.


2. Eco-Friendly And Safe

Hydro jetting is one of the most eco-friendly pipe cleaning methods as it uses only plain water free from harmful toxins or chemicals. Not only does this make it suitable for almost all types of pipes, but it also negates the risk of health concerns in case of any leaks from the tank or during the procedure. 

So, if you want to use this method for cleaning the sewage pipes at home or office, you don’t have to worry about putting peoples’ lives at risk. That said, we’d still suggest vacating the area and covering all other surfaces in the vicinity to avoid moisture-related damage.


Are There Any Disadvantages?


Perhaps, the only cons associated with this method is that it isn’t ideal for older pipes, as the high-pressure water jet can easily damage them. The pipes may also break completely, causing a flood of waste. And this can, in turn, become a health hazard for people in the vicinity.


Final Words


If you’re tempted to try hydro jetting to clean your sewer pipes, then get in touch with a local plumbing service that provides a jet on rent. This way, you can perform the job on your own and avoid paying for professionals.

However, if you aren’t confident about your DIY skills or aren’t familiar with such heavy-duty equipment, we’d strongly suggest taking professional help. Although you may have to extend your budget, you won’t risk inflicting any unnecessary damage on the surfaces in the vicinity.

With that, we will wrap up today’s proceedings. See you again, mate!