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Types of Flushing Mechanisms in Toilets

Types of Flushing Mechanisms in Toilets

Did you know there are different types of flushing mechanisms in toilets?

You might know about the dual-flush system and some other water-saving options. However, there are many different types of flushing mechanisms available that aim to reduce the need for septic tanks and leach fields.

But what type of flushing mechanism is best for your personal situation? Well, that depends on your budget and usage. You’ll want to choose a system that’s not going to send your water bills through the roof, but you also don’t want one that can’t handle the needs of everyone in the household.

Unfortunately, you can’t just go around testing different toilets and the flushing mechanisms. So why not follow this guide to find the right that will meet your needs instead?

Traditional Toilet Tanks

Most homes will have the standard toilet tank system featuring a button or a handle that will flush once activated. Once pushed, the tank will refill to a specific water level after clearing the bowl.

Meanwhile, there is an s-shaped line that is connected to the drain and the bowl. This is what empties the contents. This design is the most affordable option, but it does use the most amount of water in a single flush.

Dual Flush Toilets

On the opposite end of the scale is the dual flush toilet. It reduces the amount of water required to eliminate the contents in the bowl by separating them into liquid and solid waste. 

It uses a combination of pressure and low-flow technologies to work. Less water is used to get rid of liquid waste, and a similar volume used in traditional toilet tanks is used for solid items. Due to the reduction in water usage for some contents, it will save you more money on your bills than a standard toilet. It’s also a little cheaper to install too.

Tankless Toilet

It might look weird when you see a tankless toilet for the first time. That’s because it just appears to be a seat sticking out of a wall. But behind the design is a pressurised flushing system. 

You won’t see this option in most homes, but if you do, the piping is often concealed within the wall so that you wouldn’t even know it’s there. The flushing mechanism is very efficient in relation to water consumption. However, it’s also very expensive to install, so you’ll need to decide if all the extra work and money is worth it.

Flapper Flush

You’ll need to take a peek inside the tank to see if you’re dealing with a flapper flush valve. If you see a lever with a floating device attached, then it could be this type of mechanism. When you hit the button, the flapper will allow fresh water into the tank. It will eventually fill up with air and then stop at the time when the bowl is full.

The size of the flapper valve will depend on how big the toilet is. They’re also easy to replace if they ever break. However, flapper flush valves are not that common. If you’re looking to install a new toilet, then it might be worth discussing other options with a plumbing professional.

Ballcock Flush

The ballcock system is very similar to the flapper flush. Instead of a device filling with air, there is a ball at the end of the rod that regulates the water flow. When a flush is activated, the item will move and allow the bowl and the tank to fill.

Like flapper flush valves, this is not a traditional option. The ballcock is more reliable though compared to the flapper design. It’s also cheap to replace if there are issues. But it’s not the recommended type of flushing mechanism to choose if you’re doing bathroom renovations.

What is the Best Flushing Mechanism for You?

Before you start investigating different types of flushing mechanisms, you should make a list of what’s important to you. Naturally, you’ll want your toilet system to eliminate waste with ease, but you might also want to save some money on your water bills.

Once you’re clear on your preferences, that’s when it’s time to get in touch with a plumber. They can come into your home and gain an understanding of what is going to meet all of your needs. They’ll even be able to recommend if it’s better to spend more money upfront to reduce your bills in the long-term.
Not all plumbers provide honest upfront pricing like this, but All Day Plumbing does. Not only that, but we also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every job we complete. Whether you need your toilet repaired or considering a major bathroom renovation, book an appointment with All Day Plumbing today to find out what’s going to the best flushing mechanism for you and your family.