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    Grease Traps For Commercial/Restaurants and Cafes – We Service Sydney Wide!

    Our All Day Plumbers are the professionals in commercial Grease Trap, installation, maintenance, and servicing.

    All Day Plumbing specialise in grease trap and trade waste services across Sydney. We have over 15 years of experience and can deal with all your plumbing issues.

    We have an excellent reputation and are renown for being an exceptional provider in the repair, maintenance and installations of grease traps and waste services. All of our grease trap systems meet Australian OH&S requirements.

    Grease Trap Installation Sydney | All Day Plumbing

    How Does A Grease Trap Work?

    A grease trap essentially works by cooling down hot or warm greasy water. Since animal fats and vegetable fats are less dense than water and insoluble in them, cooling allows them to settle. The grease trap can then easily separate the layers of fats and grease.

    Over the course of operation, solids, fats and grease can build up in the trap, and if not cleaned in time, can block the trap’s inlet. That’s why grease traps need to be cleaned regularly. In the following section, we’re going to list the steps for cleaning a grease trap.

    Steps For Cleaning A Grease Trap

    1. Removing The Lid

    The first step is to remove the grease trap lid; this can be easily done using a pry bar. It’s essential to do this carefully, as any mistake can damage the gaskets located below the lid. If they get damaged, you’ll have to replace them with new ones.

    2. Inspecting The Trap

    After the trap lid has been removed, it’s essential to measure how full the trap already is. For this purpose, you can use a measuring stick, lower it carefully, and give it a light stir so that the debris marks the stick’s level.

    3. Removing Still Water

    In case you find still water inside the trap, you can remove it using a bucket. The water can be poured back into the pipes after the trap has been cleaned.

    4. Removing The Waste

    Now comes the actual step where you have to clean the trap. Using a scraper tool, remove all the solid waste from the trap. Keep a trash bag handy to collect the waste for easy transportation.

    5. Cleaning The Trap

    Next, using soap water at room temperatures, clean the trap from the inside out. Here, it’s crucial to have a clear diagram of the many parts inside and how they connect together. In case you need to remove any component, make sure that you can put it back in the right place.

    6. Reinstalling The Lid

    Once you’re done cleaning, reinstall any parts you’ve removed, and replace the lid on the trap.

    The above steps are relatively simple, provided you have the required expertise. In case you feel it’s all too much to handle for you, then don’t hesitate to call us at All Day Plumbing. We’re experts in grease trap installation and cleaning for commercial as well as domestic establishments.

    Why is a Grease Trap Necessary?

    Your business may not require a grease trap. Although, if you own a restaurant or workshop owner, you will need a grease trap installed.

    Comply with regulations:

    Particular industries, such as the food, restaurant, commercial industry must comply with local, state and National grease regulations. In Sydney, all trading food establishments must have a grease trap system installed.

    Plumbing maintenance:

    All types of fat, grease and Oil are damaging to drains and pipes. Overtime, they build-up on the sidewalls of the pipes, causing stubborn build-up and the breakdown the pipes, causing expensive repairs.


    Fats, grease, oil and other substances not only cause blockages, but overload wastewater treatment plants and contaminate our waterways.

    Some important points to consider…

    – You will need a grease trap to meet your maximum hourly flow now and into the future.
    – Keep the grease trap as close to the kitchen area as possible.
    – Install your grease trap so gravity drains the grease trap to the sewer.
    – Maintain the upkeep of the cleanliness of the trap.
    – Place the trap in an area where it is easy to access for maintenance.

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