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Plumbing tools a homeowner would use

There are plenty of plumbing tools available for household use. However, it can be difficult to know which appliances are essential and what their functions are. As professional plumbers based in Sydney, we have plenty of experience in diagnosing common household plumbing issues and how to fix them. Take a look at the list of plumbing tools that we recommend to every homeowner so that you’re well prepared when it comes to tackling small plumbing issues!

1. Plungers

Plungers are an essential tool for homeowners with blocked or clogged toilets and sinks. They work by forcing air into the toilet or sink drains which increase suction pressure. By moving the appliance up and down for 10-20 seconds, the water pressure can remove most clogs and restore casual water flow.

There are two types of plungers that you should consider for your home: a flange plunger and a common sink plunger. Otherwise known as a toilet plunger, a flange plunger differs from the standard sink style in that it features a rubber flap that fits well to a curved toilet drain. It’s imperative to have at least one plunger in your home as it can prevent common drain blockages. A flange plunger is the best all-rounder as the flap can be tucked away, which allows for it to function as a regular plunger for showers, baths, and sinks if needed. We recommend taking care of your plunger and replacing it if the wooden shaft becomes loose.

2. Sink wrenches

A sink wrench, also commonly known as a basin wrench, is often overlooked by homeowners as it only offers one primary function. However, it is a staple tool amongst professional plumbers as it performs its one job better than any substitute. Every homeowner experiences loose faucets or wants to replace existing ones every once in a while, and the sink wrench works to loosen or tighten mounting nuts that are hard to reach.

It’s a self-tightening wrench with a long T-bar handle and pivoting head, making it unique. Sink wrenches are specifically designed to make faucet replacements and removals more efficient as they are smaller than other wrenches, meaning they can reach low-profile mounting nuts and flexible supply tube nuts behind the basin. Simply attach the wrench to the nut and crank it left or right to loosen or tighten. Remember, lefty-loosey and righty-tighty!

3. Tubing cutters

Are you looking for a clean finish on your piping jobs? Then a tubing cutter is the ultimate tool for you. They are easy to use and are often less-time consuming than alternatives, such as hacksaws. Tubing cutters use a sharp wheel that, when rotated, slices through the pipe and provides top-quality cuts.

They are a must when removing and replacing damaged pipework or when cutting piping prior to installation. This means that home pipes are sealed properly and avoids the need for reparative action later. There are plenty of different tube cutters available for various materials, including copper, PEX tubing or PVC plastic. We recommend purchasing an adjustable tube cutter that can adapt to different pipe sizes, or one tailored to a specific material if your home piping is homogenous.

4. Tongue-and-groove pliers

Unlike basin wrenches, tongue-and-groove pliers are handy for multiple household jobs. For example, sump pumps and well pumps are a common feature in Australian homes, and tongue-and-groove pliers are effective in gripping the piping of these pumps for repair. Typically, a plumber will require certain information about a pump before a repair service can be dispatched. Whether it be loss of power, bad water flow, or pungent smells, these pliers will help to identify the problem and notify your plumber. They have long handles and angled jaws which provide a strong grip for almost any nuts, bolts, and irregular-shaped objects.

5. Pipe wrenches

Wrenches provide greater torque than pliers which makes them more suitable for plumbing jobs. A pipe wrench has an adjustable design which means it can grip various objects and is commonly used to secure or remove pipes. They are typically used by homeowners when dealing with strong materials, such as galvanised steel or threaded iron, on items such as pressure regulators, hydrants, and water heaters.

These plumbing tools are essential for homeowners when dealing with small household plumbing concerns. However, it is imperative that you contact a professional when it comes to larger jobs. These may include burst pipes, lower water pressure, serious backflow issues, no water, or complete appliance installations. This is because, if a fault occurs at any stage of the repair, this could cause serious damage to your water system and lead to pricier repairs and unnecessary work.

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