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Amount of Gas An Instant Water System Use | All Day Plumbing

How Much Gas Does an Instant Water System Use?

How Much Gas Does an Instant Water System Use?

Instantaneous gas hot water systems are the most efficient way to deliver a constant, reliable supply of hot water to your premises without using excessive amounts of gas.

These types of hot water systems only heat water as it is required, so you are not burning through energy to heat all of the water in larger, traditional gas hot water systems. There is no massive tank that is constantly drawing gas to heat the water, instead, you get a tankless water heater that provides a continuous supply of hot water when you need it.

They are more efficient, use much less energy than any other type of hot water system and you will never have to worry about having a cold shower again.

So how much gas does a tankless water heater use? That depends on your home and your requirements. There are solutions available that range from 12 to 27 litres per minute, so you can have a system installed at your property that precisely meets your needs.

This is how it works. Gas flows into a hot water system via a coiled pipe that is called a heat exchanger. In a regular hot water system with a cylinder, water is heated by burning gas until the entire cylinder reaches optimal temperature. As this cylinder is going to lose heat over time, this process could be repeated several times throughout the day and night – even if you are not using hot water.

Instantaneous gas hot water systems use gas differently. The gas will only flow and ignite to heat water when you engage a hot water tap in your home. There is no water stored, so there is no need for constant heating during the day. This means you are using significantly less gas than a traditional hot water system with a cylinder.

There is a range of other benefits you will enjoy by installing instantaneous water heaters as well, including:

You will save money for years to come

Instantaneous gas hot water systems are the most cost-effective hot water systems to install, but their benefits do not end there. Because they are also the most efficient, you will pay less for your energy requirements so they will save you money in the long run as well.

They don’t take up much space

Large traditional hot water systems involve bulky cylinders that take up lots of space and are not aesthetically pleasing. Instantaneous gas hot water systems are low profile so they are perfect for units and small premises up to large houses. They also look high-tech and will not be an eyesore when installed on a wall at your premises.

You will improve your carbon footprint

Sustainability is important in the modern world and instantaneous gas hot water systems use clean, renewable gas to operate. They also use less gas than other hot water systems and produce less than a third of the emissions that a traditional electric hot water system will.

They are long-lasting

When you purchase a cheap, traditional hot water system they can fail within five years. Even the most reputable models will only provide around 10-12 years of reliable services. Properly maintained, you can expect an instantaneous gas hot water system to last up to 20 years.

You will enjoy better quality water

Leaving large quantities of water sitting in a traditional hot water system cylinder is going to cause rust and corrosion over time, no matter how hot the water is.

You may not see it, but you will end up getting trace elements of rust and scale in your water – the older your system gets, the more likely you will get dirty water. Because instant hot water systems are tankless water heaters you will not get this problem. You will taste the difference in your drinking water immediately.