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Grease Trap Installation

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Grease Trap Installation

Grease Traps For Commercial/Restaurants and Cafes – We Service Sydney Wide!

Our All Day Plumbers are the professionals in commercial Grease Trap, installation, maintenance, and servicing.

All Day Plumbing specialise in grease trap and trade waste services across Sydney. We have over 15 years of experience and can deal with all your grease trap issues.

We have an excellent reputation and are renown for being an exceptional provider in the repair, maintenance and installations of grease traps and waste services. All of our grease trap systems meet Australian OH&S requirements.

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Being a commercial, factory, restaurant or workshop in Sydney, it is unavoidable just how much fat, oil and grease is washed down the drain. Not installing a grease trap or grease device, can cause plumbing problems.

Pipes become clogged and blocked by fat, oil and grease that builds up and hardens on the sidewalls of your piping. State and local grease regulations make sure that all foodservice entities are fitted with grease traps installation systems.

Why is a Grease Trap Necessary?

Your business may not require a grease trap. Although, if you own a restaurant or workshop owner, you will need a grease trap installed.

Comply with regulations:


Particular industries, such as the food/restaurant/commercial industry must comply with local, state and National grease regulations. In Sydney, all trading food establishments must have a grease trap system installed.


Plumbing maintenance:


All types of fat, grease and Oil are damaging to drains and pipes. Overtime, they buildup on the sidewalls of the pipes, causing stubborn buildup and the breakdown the pipes, causing expensive repairs.




Fats, grease, oil and other substances not only cause blockages, but overload wastewater treatment plants and contaminate our waterways.

Some important points to consider…


– You will need a grease trap to meet your maximum hourly flow now and into the future.
– Keep the grease trap as close to the kitchen area as possible.
– Install your grease trap so gravity drains the grease trap to the sewer.
– Maintain the upkeep of the cleanliness of the trap.
– Place the trap in an area where it is easy to access for maintenance.

All Day Plumbing are your grease trap specialists. Give us a call to organise set up, repair, maintain or clean your grease trap. Our Plumbers are licensed and experienced in grease trap installations, repairs, replacements and cleaning. We are the professionals and can handle the job for you.

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