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Best Instantaneous Gas Hot Water System | All Day Plumbing

Best Instantaneous Gas Hot Water System

Best Instantaneous Gas Hot Water System

For many people, a gas water heater provides hot water as and when required, without the need to heat up an entire tank of water, making it the optimal solution to their hot water needs. Instantaneous water heaters, as the name suggests, provides hot water on demand. Simply switch on the tap and hot water will be dispensed in a continuous flow. Here we take a look at the qualities to look for in instantaneous gas hot water systems to ensure you end up with one that’s exactly right for you and your family.

Fuel efficiency

Hot water systems that don’t use a tank are almost always more fuel-efficient than a tanked option, mainly because you only heat the water that you’re actually going to use. It takes energy to keep hot water in a tank at a constant temperature, meaning you could be wasting energy heating water for many hours before it’s used.

Contemporary instantaneous gas hot water systems are incredibly cheap to run. Usually cheaper than an electric system, a new gas water system can result in big energy savings.

Flexible water heating

Modern families lead hectic lives, often requiring hot water at short notice. Responding flexibly to changing hot water demands is something gas water heaters do really well. There’s no need to wait for a tank to heat up, or wait for a specific time of day due to the way the system has been programmed. When you use an instantaneous gas hot water system, all you need to do is switch on the tap and hot water will come out.

Continuous flow water ensures you can fill a bath, take a shower, or do whatever else you need, confident that there will be sufficient hot water to meet your needs. Conversely, when you don’t need hot water, none is produced and you are saving energy as a tank doesn’t need to be kept warm.

Space-saving hot water system

Space is at a premium in many properties, so it makes sense to avoid taking up a large area in a bedroom or loft with a hot water tank. Tankless water heaters take up minimal space, at the same time providing a relatively high volume of hot water instantaneously.

Far greater flexibility in hot water supply

Had an extension and need to provide it with hot water? Need an additional hot water supply in an outbuilding, or perhaps in a pool area? One of the major advantages of an instantaneous gas hot water system is that you can easily install more than one. If you are likely to need very high volumes of hot water in multiple locations, it’s easy to install an additional tankless water heater.

When you use an instantaneous gas hot water system, it’s possible to use it as a stand-alone system for a single part of your property, as well as part of a household hot water solution.

Get in touch to discover more of the advantages that instantaneous gas hot water systems can bring to your home.