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5 Useful Plumbing Tools For your Loved One's Toolbox

5 Useful Plumbing Tools For your Loved One’s Toolbox

5 Useful Plumbing Tools For your Loved One’s Toolbox


Do you have a loved one who is all about DIY projects? If they are passionate about fixing things themselves, they probably need a toolbox equipped with all the essentials. So why not take a look at theirs and see where they have some gaps – there are some plumbing tools that are a must-have for everyone, from plumbing professionals to enthusiastic amateurs.

Not sure where to start? Read on to discover the top five plumbing tools for your loved one’s toolbox.

1. Flange plunger

A plunger is a must-have piece of kit for any DIY plumber. These can help to break up anything that is blocking a drain. But did you know that your loved one should have two different kinds? The flange plunger can be used to unblock those clogged toilets, which are often the first thing to become problematic in a home.


2. Cup plunger

The other type of plunger that you should give your loved one is a cup plunger. Cup plungers are useful for showers, baths, sinks and basins. You can use it in both your bathroom and kitchen, making this a multi-purpose tool that can help to shift built-up hair and soap in your shower or move trapped grease and food in your kitchen sink.


3. Hacksaw

Does your loved one take on extensive plumbing projects at home? Then don’t let them be without a hacksaw! These handy bits of kit can be used to cut through pipes, as well as nuts and bolts. You should also ensure that they have extra blades, as hacksaws can quickly dull when used on metal or plastic pipes.


4. Auger

An auger is a great tool for any toolbox. One of the most common home plumbing issues is a blocked drain, and an auger can help where plungers fail, or as an essential part of the process. A hand auger is the best kind for a DIY master to have on hand, as you can use it to feed the slender metal wire into whatever drain needs it. This can work for showers, baths or sinks. You will want to have a different kind of auger for toilets, however.


5. Pliers

Pliers are another essential part of a plumbing kit – especially tongue-and-groove pliers. These have serrated jaws and can be used for most intensive plumbing jobs. These pliers can be used for holding a plumbing component, as well as for twisting, tightening and loosening it, among other invaluable tasks.

Sometimes, a practical gift can be the best gift – so we hope that you have gained some inspiration for what plumbing tools your loved one should have on hand, whether they are great at fixing things or just want to know they can sort out minor issues easily. If, however, they decide to turn to the professionals for a little help, get in touch with All Day Plumbing. We know how quickly a DIY job can turn into a disaster, so let us know if you need some emergency assistance or routine maintenance.