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5 Plumbing Details to Check Before Buying a House

5 Plumbing Details to Check Before Buying a House

Are you looking to buy a house? Whether it’s your first home or your next one, there’s a lot of work involved in purchasing a property. It starts with making sure that you’ve got enough money to buy one, and then there is the whole process of finding one in your price range.

As you go from inspection to inspection and get to know all of the realtors, you’ll start to get an eye for what to look out for. But what about all of the problems that you can’t see? How do you check the plumbing? It’s not like you can test out the shower or put on the dishwasher.

However, there are some ways to investigate the plumbing to ensure the pipes aren’t going to burst the second you move in. Before you hand over your deposit and sign away a thirty-year commitment, take a look at these features so you can feel assured that your bank account won’t start leaking money due to all of the repairs you need to get.

Take a Look at the Stormwater Drains

There’s no need to get your hands dirty when looking at the stormwater drains. Just one look at the materials and the quality can tell you everything you need to know about whether they’re functioning correctly or not.

Take a look at the bottom of the pipes. If it’s made of a white plastic, then you can feel confident that the drain has been replaced correctly. However, if you find a terracotta pipe, then you might be in for some trouble if you decide to purchase this house. A lot of the time, these pipes are full of dirt and roots that end up blocking and ruining them. It will end up costing you a lot of money to get them replaced.

Turn On All of the Taps

You might think that just turning on one of the taps is enough to get an idea of the water flow and quality. But you’d be wrong. Some of the fixtures might be made of different materials and give off various pressure. You might even find some leak, and others don’t.

If the house’s piping is galvanised, then it’s possible that they’re full of rust and explains why the pressure is so low. If the pressure is too high though, this will increase the chance of damage to the internal plumbing. Don’t stop at investigating the taps. Check the shower heads and anything else that releases water into the home.

Check Out the Hot Water System

One of the most expensive items to replace is a hot water tank. So, you’re going to want to make sure that you get a good look at it. Otherwise, you might end up in a cold shower one day because your tank has broken down.

It doesn’t matter if it’s gas or electric. You want to be sure that the hot water system isn’t too old or is covered in rust. Take a look at the pipes around it as well. If they’re made of steel, then there’s a high chance they haven’t been replaced in a while. The most common types are copper or plastic.

A tankless system is the preferred way to go as they have a longer lifespan and don’t corrode. But if you don’t have a choice, then make sure the hot water system still has some life in it and doesn’t need replacing any time soon.

Search for Water Stains

You want to make sure that you take a really long look at all of the walls in the house. However, you need to pay particular attention to the bathroom. Take a look at the walls behind the baths and showers for any water stains or signs of moisture.

Give it a light touch to see if the plaster is soft or flat, as this means the bathroom didn’t get adequately waterproofed. This is something that you don’t want to have to pay for, as there’s a likelihood that you’re going to need to do a complete bathroom renovation.

Flush the Toilets

Fixing sewer drains isn’t cheap, and the easiest way to find out their status is by flushing the toilets in the house. You want to make sure it drains well and also refills properly.

You should also check the sinks in the bathroom and kitchen to test the rest of the drainage. Listen out for any gurgling, and don’t be afraid to smell the drains too. If you hear or smell anything off, then the chances are that there are some issues. This may require a complete drainage renewal, which can cost you around $5000 to complete.

Need Your Pipes Checked By the Professionals?

When you’re buying a house, not doing a thorough inspection of all of the plumbing can be an expensive mistake. Whether it’s the drainage or the hot water system, you can protect yourself from any potentially costly problems by following this advice and being thorough in your investigations.

If you need any plumbing advice or are looking for a complete renovation quote, then All Day Plumbing are the only people you need to speak to. We provide honest upfront pricing before any work gets started. We also explain to you in plain English what work we’re going to be doing. If you want to turn your biggest purchase into a dream home, then contact us today, and we’ll help make it happen.