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5 Benefits of Regular Gutter Cleaning | All Day Plumbing

5 Benefits of Regular Gutter Cleaning

5 Benefits of Regular Gutter Cleaning

How many times have you looked at your gutters and told yourself that you should clean them one day?

If it’s been a while, then there’s probably an assortment of leaves and debris cluttered in there. All of these objects stop your gutters from doing what it does best, and that’s stopping water from overflowing into the house as well as making sure it doesn’t cause any damage to your home.

So what’s it going to take to get you on a ladder and clean out the gutters? Here are some reasons why you should set aside some time, put on some gloves, and get rid of all that dirt and debris.

  1. Cleaning Gutters Helps Prevent Water Damage

The reason why most people clean the gutters is to prevent their homes from suffering from water damage. It goes beyond your paint peeling or water bubbles forming in your walls. If you don’t clean your gutters, then it can have impacts on the structural integrity of the house. This includes the walls, ceilings, and even the floors. 

Cleaning out the gutters is a lot cheaper compared to spending thousands of dollars to ensure that your place is structurally sound. If you let the damage continue to erode your house, then it can have impacts on the value of your home if you ever decide to sell it.

  1. It Gets Rid of Pests

Gutters full of leaves, sticks, and debris can end up looking like an animal’s nest. This is exactly what they end up becoming as birds, rats, possums, and other pests decide to move in and call your gutters home.

In extreme cases, the combination of substances in your gutters can cause plants to grow. Trees and flowers will start blooming as well as mushrooms and other types of shrubbery. It might seem like you have a rooftop garden. However, your gutters aren’t designed to support this type of weight and will begin to break down due to the contents living in them.

  1. Clearing Gutters Protects Your Garden

Not many people know that blocked gutters can damage your precious landscaping. The water that eventually flows out of them can end up causing soil erosion and impact the plants you have growing in your yard.

When your gutters are working as normal, they are able to steer water away from the gardens. If you want to recycle water coming from inside the house, you can organise the pipes to get relined, so they provide your plants with the nutrients they require to stay alive.

  1. Cleaning Can Stop Your Roof Leaking

If your gutters can’t get rid of the water from your roof, then it will eventually start leaking throughout your house. The water will begin decaying the ceiling and have impacts on the materials beneath the roof.

You’ll notice something is wrong immediately when you start stepping in puddles around the house. At this point, it might be too late, and you’ll need to not only clear the gutters but also organise some repairs for the rest of the home.

  1. It Increases the Lifespan of the Gutter and Your Roof

Any plumbing professional will tell you that if you regularly clean your gutters, the longer their lifespan will be. They’re only designed to help water make its way down a drain. The weight from dirt, debris, leaves, and tree seedlings is too much for gutters to handle, and they’ll quickly begin to degrade to the point that they’ll need to get replaced.

The same can be said for your roof. As clogged gutters will not drain water, it will start impacting the shingles and begin pooling around the roof. This can end up being a major expense, especially if it causes the roof to collapse on itself. These types of costs are something that can easily be avoided if you clean your gutter on a regular basis.


5 Benefits of Regular Gutter Cleaning | All Day Plumbing

How Do You Clean Your Gutters?

While it’s a dirty job, if you clean your gutters on a regular basis, it doesn’t have to be a very time consuming one. You can have them cleared in these four easy steps.

  • Before you climb the ladder, make sure that you have all your items on your person in an easily accessible way.
  • Use a garden spade to remove the debris from the gutters. Use your hands for anything the tool can’t get rid of.
  • Flush the gutters with water to clear any remaining dirt and to also ensure it’s working as intended.
  • Finally, check the downpipes by spraying some water into it and making sure that everything is functioning appropriately.

Have You Left It Too Late?

If you’re already starting to see leaks within your house or your gutters are beginning to fail at doing their job, then it’s possible that you’ve not cleaned the gutters in time. In these instances, you’re best to organise some repairs immediately so that the water damage does not cause any structural damage. You should also start booking your gutters for an annual inspection to ensure they’re always up to the task, rain, hail, or shine.

Instead of climbing the ladder yourself, get in touch with All Day Plumbing to inspect your gutters. We can spot any corrosion issues and let you know if any repairs are needed before it’s too late. Schedule your annual maintenance now by booking an appointment with All Day Plumbing to make sure that your gutters aren’t going to let you or your house down.