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Gas Leak Detection

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Gas Leak Detection

LPG is now one of the most popular sources of energy for both business and homeowners. There are both advantages and disadvantages with one of the greatest being its unpredictable nature when the correct safety measures are not maintained. Gas leak detection must be done as soon as possible to be addressed and avoid a possible disaster.


All Day Plumbing provide gas leak detection services in Sydney and its surrounding areas.

Safety Precautions when using LPG

Gas leaks can come about when you least expect them. Be sure to implement adequate measures to avoid a possible explosion and fire risks. When you smell gas, be sure to turn it off immediately from the mains.


Turn off the electricity to the house and unplug the telephone line. Be sure to vacate the building and get everyone out of the possible threat of danger. 




It is imperative to contact a gas leak specialist provider to ensure your safety.

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How to locate a Gas Leak

One of the most common ways to detect a gas leak is by its smell. Gas leaks have an extremely strong odour. Another way to narrow in on where the gas is leaking from the pipe is by using a soap solution to determine the exit point.

After making up the solution, apply it to the welded connection on the LPG pipes this will confirm/uncover if there is a leak. The team at All Day Plumbing also have all the equipment to detect and diagnose a gas leak. In instances where the gas leak is present at the valve the soap test may not work and at this point you will need to call in the professionals.


In Conclusion, when dealing with something as critical a gas leak, its always best to keep in mind the process is usually complex and will require the expertise of a licensed professional for the safest outcome possible.


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